3rd NFT Flash Sale Program — Only 1 Hour — Hold PWAR And Win!

The Rule

  1. Time: 2PM — 3PM UTC, 09th August, 2021
  2. You must HODL or STAKE at least 3000 PWAR Tokens.

About PolkaWar

PolkaWar is an upcoming cross-chain decentralized fighting game on the blockchain. Inspired by the gaming and NFT subfield, PolkaWar will create a vivid fighting world. The players will build their character with weapons and equipment with different levels, to engage in combat with other players; participate in quests in the game as well as buy, lend and sell items in the marketplace.



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PolkaWar NFT Gaming

PolkaWar NFT Gaming


PolkaWar is a blockchain based NFT gaming platform and marketplace, innovative DeFi and NFT Gaming Platform. Website https://polkawar.com