PolkaWar Building Character System — Claim XP And Build Your Character To Be Ready For The Battle

Character Stats

  1. Health Points (HP)
  2. Melee Points (MP)
  3. Experience Points (XP)
  4. Physical Attack (Patk)
  5. Physical Defense (Pdef)
  6. Accuracy

Characters, Weapons And Equipments List

Character Progression Levels

  • Levels 1–10: Character is able to use LV1 weapons and equipments
  • Levels 11–29: Character is able to use LV2 weapons and equipments
  • Levels 30–49: Character is able to use LV3 weapons and equipments
  • Levels 50–79: Character is able to use LV4 weapons and equipments
  • Levels 80–99: Character is able to use LV5 weapons and equipments
  • Levels 100+: Special powers, fighting skills and higher level items

Step by step guide to start your PolkaWar character building journey and claim daily XP!

  1. Interested? Head over to the PolkaWar website and access the game portal.

The requirements for starting a character on PolkaWar are simple.

  1. The users should hold or stake at least 2000 PWAR tokens, which are the native tokens for the platform. You can acquire them here and join staking here
  2. To ensure active participation, users must login daily and claim the experience points.
  3. Once your character reaches level 10 or higher, you can start selling your character on Marketplace and take profit.

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PolkaWar NFT Gaming

PolkaWar NFT Gaming


PolkaWar is a blockchain based NFT gaming platform and marketplace, innovative DeFi and NFT Gaming Platform. Website https://polkawar.com