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4 min readJun 1, 2021


We’re excited to announce that our concept Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is live. You can visit our decentralized application (DApp) at https://game.polkawar.com. The DApp is run on Binance Smart Chain and can be accessed using the Metamask wallet. So first, you need to setup the Binance Smart Chain network on Metamask wallet before using the DApp.

You can refer to the setup here https://academy.binance.com/en/articles/connecting-metamask-to-binance-smart-chain

Let’s explore the functionality available in this MVP version 1.0

PolkaWar Marketplace

All characters, weapons and equipments are listed on the Marketplace. We are planning to introduce the buy and sell functions in the MVP version 2.0 concept.

The weapon systems includes Sword, Big Knife, Tessen, Bow & Arrow, Gun, Sceptre, Magic Vase with 3 levels.. Lastly, the equipment system includes Armor, Helmet, Wing with 3 levels

The details page of items will show their price, item’s index, item’s purchase history, list of real images of the item (used for PolkaWar Logictics module) etc.

Initialization & Character Building

You can start by visiting the profile page and initializing the character.

There are 3 types of characters — the Warrior, the Magician and the Archer.

After confirming the character choice with a successful MetaMask transaction on the BSC network, you will get a character with level 0, also known as a base character.

Once the buy and sell function of the marketplace is open, players can purchase additional weapons and other equipment for their characters and proceed to advance their character.

Airdrop Campaign

When participating in this airdrop program, you will receive a level 1 weapon or equipment and 25 PWAR tokens. The system will use ChainLink’s VRF to randomly select items for participants.

The airdrop will close once 3000 people have participated, so hurry up.

To participate in the airdrop program, go to “Get Airdrop”

Note that you need to connect Metamask wallet and choose Binance Smart Chain Network, and need a small amount of BNB for transaction fees (0.005 BNB is enough)

Next, click “Spin now” and confirm the transaction on the wallet interface. Then wait about 30 secs — 1 min for the transaction to be confirmed on the blockchain.

After the transaction is successful, you will receive the airdrop.

There’s a small catch. You can only claim the airdrop after July 1st.

Note that you must be following the project’s Telegram, Twitter, Medium to become eligible for airdrop.


PolkaWar is a decentralized fighting game platform on the blockchain network. Inspired by the NFT sub field, PolkaWar will create a vivid fighting game world. Players will build character systems with weapons and equipment with different levels, to engage in combat with other players; participate in quests in the game as well as buy, lend and sell items in the marketplace.

✅ Website https://polkawar.com

✅ Telegram https://t.me/polkawar

✅ Telegram discussion https://t.me/polkawarchat

✅ Twitter https://twitter.com/polkawarnft

✅ Github https://github.com/polkawar

✅ Medium https://medium.com/@polkawar

✅ Whitepaper https://polkawar.com/docs/whitepaper.pdf



PolkaWar NFT Gaming

PolkaWar is a blockchain based NFT gaming platform and marketplace, innovative DeFi and NFT Gaming Platform. Website https://polkawar.com