PolkaWar Testnet Comes To Life

Connecting To Binance Smart Chain “Testnet”

There is a difference between the Binance Smart Chain testnet and the mainnet. Since we are dealing with the testnet, we must use a different RPC to connect to the network. You can check the detailed guide here.

About PolkaWar

PolkaWar is a cross-chain decentralized fighting game, that integrates NFTs and competitive gaming aspects. PolkaWar creates a vivid fighting world for players to develop their characters and engage in combat with each other. There would be different weapons and equipment to arm one’s in-game character with. The game system will have 3 types of characters Warrior, Archer, and Magician. Their weapon system includes Sword, Big Knife, Bow & Arrow, Gun, Tessen, Scepter, and Magic Vase. The equipment system would be Armor, Helmet, Wing, and Mount. Each item will be designed according to the level upgrade model, with each level’s different stats and advancement conditions.



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PolkaWar NFT Gaming

PolkaWar NFT Gaming


PolkaWar is a blockchain based NFT gaming platform and marketplace, innovative DeFi and NFT Gaming Platform. Website https://polkawar.com